Having manners is key in building positive friendships and healthy self-esteem!  Through games, arts and crafts, songs, hearing stories and role-playing, this fun, hands on class teaches your child how to make introductions, a firm handshake, eye contact, good posture, basic table manners, the importance of saying “Please” and “Thank You,” and more.  

 Through role playing and games, your children will master:

 Let’s Meet

-Eye contact 


-Nosy questions 

-Learning to share

-Life skills: learning to help around the house 

-Magic words: saying please, thank you, your welcome etc. 

Let’s Eat

-Mealtime manners 

-Setting the table and cleaning up

-How to hold a fork correctly 

-Party and play date manners 

-What to do if you don’t like something  


This class will expose your child to the exciting world of healthy food! 

The children will learn healthy eating habits and make kid friendly 

healthy snacks each week which will include fruits and vegetables.  

They will learn about making healthy choices.  

Here's the Good Manners part......They will also learn:

-Table Manners

-How to use their "indoor voice" in restaurants and how to place an order

-What you can and can't eat with your hands

-How to sit and behave at the table

-How to set a table and help clean up

- Magic words: saying please, thank you, your welcome etc.  

-How to do Whole Body Listening

-What to share and not share (aka germs and how to prevent them)

-Courtesy, the difference between polite manners and rude manners

-How to be kind 

The children will play games, do crafts, hear stories and learn fun 

facts about healthy foods and manners.  They will put together a 

small cookbook of all the recipes they make in class to keep.

  • Bulk discounts are available for schools so please inquire 
  • Maximum 12 children in one class
  • A minimum of 6 children is required before a class may commence
  • Number of classes and location to be discussed with facilitator.
  • Cost per class varies to be discussed with facilitator.
  • Private 1 hour lessons available minimum 5 children in your home or destination of choice.